MAS Studio is a collaborative architecture and urban design firm directed by Iker Gil.

MAS Studio takes a multidisciplinary approach to its work, with teams including architects, urban designers, researchers, graphic designers, and photographers among others, in order to provide innovative and comprehensive ideas and solutions.

The studio develops its work with an emphasis in research, built work, publications and exhibitions. Research of topics that affect directly or indirectly the urban environment is applied to competition and built projects and ultimately shared through publications and exhibitions.

Some of the most recent work of MAS Studio includes Inside Marina City, a photographic project produced with Andreas E.G. Larsson exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago; the NO-01 House in New Orleans; Cut.Join.Play., the winning entry for the Architecture for Humanity Chicago street furniture competition; the book Shanghai Transforming (ACTAR, 2008), a study of the transformation of the city during the last 30 years and its exhibition at Virginia Tech (2010) and the Chicago Architecture Foundation (2008).

In 2009, the office started the quarterly design journal MAS Context, now a non-profit organization based in Illinois, in order to instigate the debate about specific topics through the active participation of people from different fields and different perspectives. MAS Context is starting to take its content into other formats such as discussions, lectures, and exhibitions.