Iker Gil interviewed in Architect Magazine

Architect Magazine, February 2013 issue © MAS Studio (left) Nathan Kirkman (right)

In the February 2013 issue of Architect magazine, you can find an interview with Iker Gil by Zoë Ryan, Chair and John H. Bryan curator of architecture and design at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In the article titled “The Exhibitionist,” Zoë and Iker talk about hybrid practices, the different initiatives/formats of the office, background and hopes for the future. Here is the intro the article:

“Curator. Editor. Event host. Oh, and architect. Iker Gil, 35, inhabits a variety of roles. “Cut. Join. Play.,” his winning entry in the 2010 Chicago Street Furniture competition, was featured at the Venice Architecture Biennale last summer. And “Inside Marina City,” an exhibition that he collaborated on with the photographer Andreas E.G. Larsson, and that showcased Bertrand Goldberg’s landmark Chicago towers, was mounted in October at Los Angeles’s WUHO Gallery, after premiering at the Art Institute of Chicago.

There’s a weighty subtext underpinning his various projects: enlivening the urbanist discourse in Chicago. Drawing on lessons from his native Bilbao—planning and transportation initiatives helped spark that city’s transformation before Gehry’s arrival, he emphasizes—Gil has ambitious dreams for Chicago. Architect sent Zoë Ryan, the chair and John H. Bryan curator of architecture and design at the Art Institute of Chicago, to learn more about what motivates this emerging voice in the Midwest.”

Thanks so much to Zoë for a great conversation, Architect for providing the platform, and Nathan for the pic with the orange headphones!

To read the interview, please visit Architect’s website.


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