Iker Gil, jury of Emerging Visions

2014 Emerging Visions portfolio competition

Iker Gil will be part of the jury for the 2014 Emerging Visions portfolio competition organized by the Chicago Architectural Club. This portfolio competition seeks to provide a forum for young designers to be recognized and to share their visions, inventions and ideas. The award promotes significant architectural endeavors by young architects, designers and new practices yet to be acknowledged. Iker was the recipient of the award in 2010.

This edition’s jury is formed by Michael Wilkinson, Sarah Dunn & Martin Felsen, Tristan d’Estree Sterk, Karla Sierralta & Brian Strawn, Iker Gil, Sarah Herda, Zurich Esposito, Dan Wheeler and Elva Rubio.

Submissions are due March 9. To read the competition brief, check the Chicago Architectural Club’s website.

The winner will be announced during a jury roundtable hosted at the Graham Foundation on March 13. For more information about that event, check the Graham Foundation’s website.


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