Iker Gil lectures as part of the Gensler Intern program

Chicago Expander at Archeworks. Image by Chirag Patel © Gensler

On Wednesday July 10, Iker will present the work of the Chicago Expander program at the offices of Gensler in Chicago as part of their “iLab Lecture Series.”

The presentation will discuss the main ideas of the Chicago Expander program as well as the work produced in the first three workshops that focused on Energy/Economy, Agency/Consumerism, and Transportation. As part of the presentation, Lindsey Feola, Chirag Patel, Michael Pecirno and Joshua Vitalli will explain their individual projects.

For more information about the Chicago Expander program at Archeworks, please check the official website.

Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Time: 5:30-7 pm
Location: Gensler
Address: 11 E Madison St #300 Chicago, IL 60602


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