Iker Gil presents as part of Spectacular Vernacular

Iker Gil will present at the Chicago Cultural Center on October 23 as part of the “Culture Mixtape” public event organized in relationship with Spectacular Vernacular, the first major solo exhibition of work by the design studio Parsons & Charlesworthn. From the website: “Creative practitioners from Chicago, invited by Parsons & Charlesworth, will reveal what inspires them in a quick-fire show-and-tell format. There is only one rule – guests may only talk about other people’s work and not their own – allowing them to wax lyrical about the muses that motivate their practice.” Thank you very much to Tim Parsons and Jess Charlesworth for the invitation.

The event also includes artists Petra Bachmaier and Ilona Gaynor, writer Lee Ann Norman, designer Helen Maria Nugent, and scientist Andrew Scarpelli.

For more information about the event and exhibition, please visit: www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/parsons_charlesworth.html

Image by Parsons&Charlesworth


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