Iker Gil presents at Storefront for Art and Architecture

© Jacob Chartoff

On April 20, Iker will open the ARCHIZINES LIVE symposium hosted at Storefront for Art and Architecture with a manifesto outlining 10 brief points that establish the methodology and goals of MAS Context.

In conjunction with the exhibition ARCHIZINES (curated by Elias Redstone), Storefront for Art and Architecture hosts a 2-day symposium on publishing practices as part of its Manifesto Series. Throughout its exhibition tour, ARCHIZINES has provided platforms for architectural research and debate, demonstrating the residual love of the printed word and paper page. Made by architects, artists and students, the publications included in the exhibition add an important, and often radical, addition to architectural discourse that will be further explored through the Manifesto Series.

Besides MAS Context, other magazines participating in the symposium include PIDGIN, PLAT, Fresh Meat, Archphoto 2.0, Log, OASE, CLOG, One:Twelve, Architects Newspaper, Another Pamphlet, No Now, P.E.A.R, Praxis, New Geographies, Cornell Journal of Architecture, Foreign Architects Switzerland (FAS), Volume, PLOT, Scapegoat, San Rocco, Candide, Evil People in Modernist Homes in Popular Films, Megawords, Thresholds and PIN-UP.

For more information, please check the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s website.

Date: Friday, April 20, 2012
Time: 7-9 pm
Cost: Free
Location: Storefront for Art and Architecture
Address: 97 Kenmare Street, New York City, NY


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