MAS Context releases its ninth issue, NETWORK

© Image by Kees Lokman, Fadi Masoud and Conor O’Shea

We live in a world where everything – politics, economy, ecology, society and culture – is strongly connected. They create the apparent and illusive NETWORKS that shape our cities and the way we experience them. We explore some of them, whether physical or virtual, formal and informal, to understand their possibilities and power in our lives.

The ninth issue of the quarterly design journal MAS Context, NETWORK, is already out. All the content is available for free at, where you can order a printed copy of the journal from Lulu and download the electronic version.

Contributors include Ioanna Angelidou, Nick Axel, Ethel Baraona, Chicago Architectural Club, Beatriz Colomina, Iker Gil, Cecilia Galera, Marc Goodwin, Paddy Harrington, Jiang Jun, Jesse LeCavalier, MAS Studio, Bruce G. Moffat, Cesar Reyes, Sarah Rich, Nicola Twilley and Haibo Yu.

MAS Context is a quarterly journal created by MAS Studio that addresses issues that affect the urban context. Its aim is to provide a comprenhensive view of a topic by the active participation of people from different fields and different perspectives. It instigates the debate.

For further information or images, please contact:
Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context

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