MAS Context turns 5

MAS Context turns 5

In December of last year, we released our Narrative issue. It proved a serendipitous theme for us, as it marked MAS Context’s fifth-year anniversary. This half-decade has indeed been a story, a journey—a series of connected events, efforts, ideas, and late night ideations that have delivered twenty topic-based issues, a special university issue, several live analog events, and thousands of emails. As our next year begins, it’s a good time to look back, and forward, too. A transparent look, so that we can learn from our efforts, as well as open a window onto our little world so you know more about our, well, narrative.

But before we go into details, let’s revisit some of the basics of MAS Context. The journal started in 2009 as a side project of the architecture office MAS Studio. We thought it was necessary to create a platform that instigated discussion around themes from multiple disciplines and perspectives. We shared our and your ideas and essays and treatises and tracts with as many people as possible, making access to it all free—online, to download, and even to attend an event. The goal was to reach both people who work in any design field, as well as those who traditionally don’t read design publications yet might be curious about it. Throughout these years, our approach and goals have remained constant, but we have adjusted elements to enliven and enhance the content, make access ever easier, and improve the quality of the physical copy, too. Along the way, we have been assigned an ISSN from the US Library of Congress, become an official not-for-profit organization, established an esteemed board of advisors, and received several grants.

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