Chicago Expander at Archeworks

Constructing new discourses on regionalism and architecture, and developing new models addressing large and small-scale design

Chicago Expander at Archeworks

Chicago Expander at Archeworks





In response to the ecological challenges of the twenty-first century, the Chicago Expander is a new research initiative at Archeworks that brings together thinkers, designers, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to construct new discourses on regionalism and architecture, and develop new models addressing large and small-scale design.

Within this interdisciplinary framework we aim to reconceptualize Chicago’s position in the region and the world. In order to meet these challenges, the workshops aim to spatialize the formation of Chicago as a larger geographic entity and recast the city and its region as a spatial model to expand the understanding of the interrelationships of the boundaries between the city, its hinterland and Lake Michigan in relation to Chicago’s role in a global ecology.

Within this broader ambition, the Chicago Expander focuses on the idea of dismantling the region’s prevailing geographic, spatial and cultural meanings to activate critical questions that challenge conventional boundaries and perceptions about the city and its position in the world.

The program is directed by Iker Gil and Antonio Petrov and is developed as a series of workshops, public events and ongoing collaborations.

Type: Urban Design
Location: Chicago
Directors: Iker Gil & Antonio Petrov
Institution: Archeworks
Year: 2012
Status: Completed


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