Hillside House

A house that celebrates pause, leisure, views, and light











Hillside House is an interior renovation of a two-story townhome in a small seaside town in Galicia, Spain.

Renovated by the former owner decades ago, the residence needed a new spatial organization and a complete aesthetic renovation. Taking advantage of the hillside condition, our project reorganizes the spaces maximizing the view towards the west so that every room has a view of the sea and the sunset. In parallel, the project minimizes the palette of colors and materials used to create a cohesive project where furniture and art bring the color and personality of the owners.

The lower level is dedicated to the public areas and includes the kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry room, and a guest bedroom. The L-shaped kitchen has been opened up to be an integral component of the dining room and living room. With floor-to-ceiling cabinets on the short side and an oversized countertop that extends along the length of the wall, both in charcoal gray, the kitchen becomes a focal point of this floor. Extending from the living room, the first of the two terraces in the house.

The upper floor is the private area for the owners. It features a master bedroom with a drawing room, a bathroom, a second terrace, and a second bedroom converted into a generous walk-in closet. By removing the closet from the master bedroom, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves were able to be incorporated. It is a room that celebrates pause, leisure, views, and light.

The stair with three widened steps at the base facing the living room to create an informal sitting area, takes you up to the second floor in a compressed and tall volume, stripped of any superfluous elements. A wooden handrail with stainless steel brackets similar to those used in nautical applications reference the location of the house and the hobby of the owners.

The Hillside House project carefully reorganizes the spaces and selectively uses its materials to create a welcoming home where every room benefits from its outstanding setting overlooking the sea.

Photography by Iker Gil.

Type: Architecture
Location: Galicia, Spain
Author: MAS Studio
Team: Iker Gil & Julie Michiels
General contractor: Juan Jose PiƱeiro Abeijon
Client: Private residence
Size: 1,215 square feet
Year: 2018
Status: Completed


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