House in Galicia

Exploring the spacial qualities of an abandoned mid-nineteenth century house













The house is located in a town with views to one of the rivers of A Coruña, a province in the northwest of Spain.

The house, constructed in the mid-nineteenth century, was formerly used by the priest of the church located adjacent to the house. Originally, the ground floor was used to house the animals and the upper floor was divided in several rooms, most of them without natural light or ventilation.

The client wanted to renovate the house and turn it into a bed and breakfast. The new program asked for a series of guest bedrooms, gathering spaces and a private bedroom located in the upper floor.

The renovated house is organized around a series of voids that provide visual and spatial connections, establishing unexpected relationship between rooms. The ground floor is turned into a gathering space, library, gallery and wine cellar, with access to the outside garden. The first floor contains guest bedrooms as well as a large guest gathering space for eating, working or relaxing. The upper floor houses a large private bedroom and terrace overlooking the river.

Within the property but outside the house, three more private apartments, a kitchen, sauna and terrace area are provided, extending the activities of the house outside into the open space.

The result is a house that maintains its original character while opening up its interior, providing modern spaces full of light.

Type: Architecture
Location: A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Authors: Iker Gil & Julie Michiels
Team: Iker Gil, Julie Michiels & André Corrêa
Client: Undisclosed
Year: 2011
Status: Proposal


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