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After being exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago during the fall of 2011 and pinkcomma gallery in Boston in spring of 2012, Inside Marina City, the project by Iker Gil and Andreas E.G. Larsson, is exhibited at WUHO gallery in Los Angeles. WUHO is Woodbury University’s center for experimental exhibitions and multi-disciplinary collaborations. Located on the iconic Hollywood Walk-of-Fame, WUHO is simultaneously an exhibition, event, and lecture platform and a fieldwork outpost.

Inside Marina City explores the relationship between Bertrand Goldberg’s rigorous modular framework for the apartment units and the informal development of these interior spaces by residents throughout the history of the building.

-> Images of the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago:
-> Images of the exhibition at pinkcomma gallery in Boston:
-> Images of the exhibition at Storss gallery at UNC Charlotte:

Photography by Andreas E.G. Larsson.

Type: Exhibition
Location: WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles.
Authors: Iker Gil, Andreas E.G. Larsson
Exhibition Design: MAS Studio, Andreas E.G. Larsson
Printing: The Print Lab
Year: 2012
Status: Completed


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