Respecting the original spatial and material configuration of Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City complex while creating a clean framework to the artwork and objects of the clients











The MC04 project is our fourth renovation in Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City complex in Chicago.

For this project, we continued to reference the design template developed during MC02 to return units to their original spatial and material condition while updating all its systems to current comfort standards.

Similar to our previous projects in the building, MC04 prioritizes key aspects of the original design by Goldberg such as its structure and minimizing the color and material palette.

The unit had the original layout so the renovation focused on removing non-original items such as paint, wall covering, and flooring, as well as a careful selection of new materials to enhance the spatial clarity and qualities of the unit.

The new continuous black floor references the original black tile floor that units in Marina City featured when the building opened. Color, finish, and pattern match that of the original floor. In the kitchen, the original metal cabinets were stripped of their paint to bring back the original pink color. Custom-made metal panels were fabricated to complete missing pieces, new LED-lighting under the cabinets, new quartz countertops and backsplash, and new appliances update the kitchen while keeping the original layout. The vanity area also maintains its original layout while incorporating new custom-made wood cabinets and a new quartz countertop.

Overall, these minimal interventions respect the original spatial and material configuration while creating a clean framework to the artwork and objects of the clients and celebrating the southwest views to the Chicago River.

Photography by Iker Gil.

Type: Architecture
Location: Chicago
Author: MAS Studio
Team: Iker Gil & Julie Michiels
Client: Private residence
Size: 725 square feet
Year: 2019
Status: Completed


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