The project explores the concept of multiplicity. The goal is to apply a flexible system that establishes a new residential neighborhood that can generate as many conditions and as much diversity as necessary. It is the deployment of an urban strategy of a unique character and a recognized identity. This is achieved through the implementation of a system that relates the residential building with the public spaces, utilizing the existing topography to organize the various programs as well as the mobility within the development.

Along with the organization of the public spaces, the topography becomes part of the buildings themselves, controlling the height in order to integrate the proposal within the landscape. In addition to this, it informs the organization and access to the commercial and residential areas. The buildings themselves generate their own topography though folds in their volumes. These folds generate green roofs, visually relating the ground plane with the built areas, establishing a dialogue with the mountains in the Collserolla Park.

Thanks to this continuous relationship between the buildings and the topography we achieve several aspects: new connections between public and private spaces; new places of interaction for residents and visitors; and new relationships between the proposed programs for the neighborhood. An intervention with a defined identity that generates diverse conditions for the people who live, work and play in this new area.

Type: Urban Design
Location: Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona
Authors: Iker Gil, Mateu Baylina, Robert Casasús
Team: Iker Gil, Mateu Baylina, Robert Casasús, André Corrêa, Joshua Cooper
Year: 2011
Status: Competition


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