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Besides its rich history in design, Chicago is the base for some of the most forward-thinking design studios in the world, from architects to graphic and media designers, from fashion and industrial designers to filmmakers and musicians. We have the talent, but what is missing?

We are lacking the venues to share and discuss, to innovate and challenge one another, to involve not only the design community, but engage all communities. In other American cities and abroad, there are a variety of venues and events that, far from competing, actually complement each other and offer a vibrant design scene. The time to address this is now.

There is a need for more visibility and more infused, collaborative design events to promote design discussion in Chicago. This is the proposal for the first Chicago Design Festival.

Type: Urban Design
Location: Chicago
Author: Iker Gil and Sharon Haar
Images: Andrew Moddrell
Year: 2009
Status: Completed