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Welcome to our Bilbao issue. This issue explores the remarkable transformation of the city and the goals and needs driving it. Through insightful essays, personal photo essays, failed projects, exceptional successes, and open interviews, this issue provides a comprehensive look at a metamorphosis whose scope and complexity goes far beyond the construction of a single renowned building.

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Publication: MAS Context
Team: Iker Gil (Editor in Chief); Andrew Clark, Julie Michiels, and Paul Mougey (Contributing Editors)
Contributors: Ibon Areso, Diana Balmori, Eduardo Belzunce, José Luis Burgos, Cini Boeri Architetti, Carlos Copertone, Juan Luis de las Rivas, Luis Diaz-Mauriño, Patxi Eguiluz, García de la Torre Arquitectos, Juan García Millán, Iker Gil, IDOM, JAAM, James Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates, Koldo Lus Arana, Elena Martínez-Litago, Ruth Mayoral López, Meneo, NO.MAD, Aitor Ortiz, Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno, Fidel Raso, Tomás Ruiz, Juan Sádaba, Diego Sanz, Patricia Sanz Lacarra, Koldo Serra, Alfonso Vegara, Yosigo, Zaha Hadid Architects, and John Zils. With postcards by graphic design studios Meneo, Eider Corral, Vudumedia, Hopper Ink, and La Machine.
Design: Meneo
Pages: 454 pages
Size: 9 inches x 6 inches
Publisher: MAS Context
Year: 2017
Status: Published