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The NO-01 house is located in the Broadmoor Neighborhood in New Orleans within a 30’ x 100’ foot lot with a North–South orientation.

The goal of the project is to provide a flexible space that allows its expansion and contraction determined by the external and internal conditions.

The interior of the house is elevated seven feet from the street level to protect it from flooding, which creates a circulation area of stairs and ramps that is incorporated inside the building envelope. Both interior and exterior areas of the house work together visually and programmatically. An external envelope that wraps the different spaces filters the light to the interior and provides a clear identity of the house.

The house itself is organized along a service wall located on the west side that includes the kitchen, laundry facility and closets. A central core including the bathrooms and a second bedroom separates the main day and night areas.

Type: Architecture
Location: New Orleans
Authors: Iker Gil & Andrew Obendorf
Team: Iker Gil, Andrew Obenforf & André Corrêa
Collaborators: Sumac
Year: 2011
Status: Proposal